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About Me 

My husband and I moved to Spruce Grove in the spring of 2004 to start our family, that was over 17 years ago!  We have 2 boys, one in high school and the other in middle school.  Since they have started school I have taken an interest in every school that they have attended. I've spent many hours volunteering in and out of their classrooms. I've helped with reading, setting up bulletin boards, helping out with fundraisers, field trips and even stapling Christmas concert tickets together to help out office staff.  This last year I have had the privilege of being the Chair of Greystone Centennial School Parent Council. I have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with the staff and even with COVID bringing extra challenges we managed to have a very productive year! 

I have a vested interest in making sure that the education that is provided is one that we as a community can be proud of. Teaching our children inclusion, compassion, empathy and excellence, to be the best that they can be, will bring brighter futures for the coming generations.

Points of Focus ‚Äč

Being a Public School Trustee I will listen to parents, teachers and students and strive to do what is best for ward 5 in Parkland School Division. Each school has their own unique challenges which can be tough to navigate and we will work together to bring the best solutions to the table.

When presented with difficult situations it is important to keep an open mind and look at the factual evidence from all sides in order to make sure that the best decision is made for everyone involved. 

Our community has such an important role in the school system which allows for things such as; offering financial support for special projects, having community members join in to help students in their studies, coach sports teams and going on field trips. Without this community support our students and staff of Parkland School Division would miss out on many important learning and growing opportunities. This is the sense of community which sets us apart and one that I am very proud to serve. 

Some of the ways that we can maintain a happy and healthy learning environment is by helping students maintain and improve their mental wellness.  Life is not cut and dry with yes or no answers and students need to be given support and a listening ear when they find themselves in different life situations. It is great that they have opportunities to visit with councilors in our schools to help them with life's navigation. I am also excited that our children have the opportunity for another sounding board, by having Resource Officers on hand at some schools so students can seek  guidance when required.  

Making sure that our students are learning with full stomachs is another important part of the day to day necessities.  We all have to continue to work together as a community to ensure that our students are not slipping through the cracks and that they get the best chance that they can by starting their day with nutrition.  With community programs and support from local businesses we will continue to put our students wellbeing first.  

While in the position of Parent Council Chair at Greystone last year I had the pleasure to be involved with COSC (Council of School Councils). COSC meetings were informative and collaborative, enabling school councils to learn how to handle a variety of situations.  Through COSC I was introduced to ASCA-Alberta School Councils Association.   The best part of ASCA is that they work to give feedback directly to the Education Minister so the government can be well informed with what parents want for the education of their children.  I will continue to promote these groups and support them in any way that I can as a Public School Trustee.  

When elected as a Public School Trustee in Ward 5 I believe that I can bring a new perspective and many new ideas. My strong community spirit, dedication to our children's education and a high motivation for positive change is why I believe I should be your next Public School Trustee.  It is time for change!

Kaeli Weir for Public School Trustee

Ward 5

Ensuring the Best for Our Children!

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